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Air cooled heatexchanger

"Made in Germany" for worldwide use

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Air cooled heatexchanger

"Made in Germany" for worldwide use

Jaochainoi1980 / shutterstock.com: 63472681
Welcome at TUBETECH GmbH

A member of OELTECHNIK-group

TUBETECH GmbH is a mid tier business with corporate headquarters in Plauen in the Vogtland region of Germany.

We are specializing in upscale apparatus and plant engineering and construction "Made in Germany". Quite obviously, our organization meets all the requirements of the required national or international approvals or certificates. Products made by TUBETECH are used in refineries, the chemical industry or in power plant engineering and construction.

Range of products:

  •   AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS (gas coolers, product condensers, product coolers, air-cooled condensers, custom designs)
  •   SPARE HEAT EXCHANGERS for air-cooled heat exchangers, pressure gas coolers, machine coolers
A small extract of our references


TUBETECH is a proficient partner for companies


  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Gas industry
  • Energy & power plant technology
  • Environmental & recycling technology