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process design via different calculation programs

  • HTRI
  • Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik
  • In-house developed software, based on measurements

Engineering, constructional design

  • 2-D, resp. 3-D design engineering
  • Engineering of electrical ventilators, motors and other components
  • Stress calculation acc. to AD-2000, EN 13445, ASME Code
  • Preparation of general layout drawings and shop drawings
  • Preparation of welding book and inspection and test plan
  • Static calculation of supporting structure

Project Management

  • Preparation of production flow plan via MS-Project
  • Proactive forwarding of monthly progress reports with pictures of current status of manufacturing
  • Weekly project meetings in order to safe contractualdelivery dates and quality standards




Manufacturing, Testing

  • Acc. to requirements of national and international regulations (e.g. AD 2000, EN 13445, ASME) and specific customized regulations
  • Quality inspection / - monitoring

Delivery of components and accessories

  • Supporting steel structure, platform, ladder
  • Fan rings, incl. drives (direct drive, V belt drive, gearboxes)
  • Fan and motor
  • Louver
  • Vibration switch
  • frequency converter
  • switchboard/cabinets
  • external noise protection

Assembly and service

  • international experienced, in-house service team with longterm experience in assembling, service and repairing of products, inside and outside of OELTECHNIK group
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