Air cooled heatexchanger

TUBETECH GmbH introduces itself

About us

TUBETECH GmbH is a medium-size company based in Plauen/Vogtland. We offer high quality manufacturing of air-cooled heat exchangers "Made in Germany" including required national and international approvals and certificates.

TUBETECH GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of OELTECHNIK mbH founded in 2001. The company currently employs around 85 workers.

The Plauen production site is equipped with modern machines. The shop area under the roof is 25.000m², allowing the production of heat exchangers and finned tubes in a high efficient way also for large contracts.

TUBETECH products are custom designed fulfilling all customer requirements. Units up to 40t in weight, 4m wide and 20m long can be manufactured.


Range of products:

  •   AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGERS (gas coolers, product condensers, product coolers, air-cooled condensers, custom designs)
  •   SPARE HEAT EXCHANGERS for air-cooled heat exchangers, pressure gas coolers, machine coolers

Code of Conduct for our employees

Here you can see our Code of Conduct for our employees:

A strong team

Group of companies

Since 2001, TUBETECH GmbH based in Plauen / Germany has been a wholly-owned subsidiary and member of the group of companies of Gesellschaft für OELTECHNIK mbH based in Waghäusel in Germany.

TubeTech GmbH

Oeltechnik-Service GmbH

Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik mbH

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