Heat exchangers

Air preheaters

Air preheaters are heat exchangers that are mainly designed for use in the combustion air preheating of power plant. TUBETECH supplies and delivers the heat exchangers designed as finned-tube heat exchangers or bare-tube heat exchangers respectively.
The complete engineering including the process or mechanical design will be done by TUBETECH in a customer-oriented manner. The heat exchangers will be produced at the facility in Plauen «Made in Germany».
Other accessories such as bypass valves, cleaning channels or supporting structures will also be planned, supplied and delivered by TUBETECH.

Spare tube bundles
for air-cooled heat exchangers

Over the years, TUBETECH has built up a reputation on the spare parts market for air-cooled heat exchangers.
In-house expertise and production capacities are efficiently used to fulfill customer wishes.
Many years of experience in the manufacture of different types of finned tubes or header designs are the basis for consistent high quality and flexibility.

Finned tube bundles
for pressure gas coolers or machine coolers

Suction coolers, intermediate coolers, stepped coolers or aftercoolers are used to increase or maintain respectively performance characteristics of gas compressors, air compressors, turbines, generators or large motors. These are water-cooled finned tube heat exchangers designed to cool the intake air, compressed air or other industrial gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine or similar. Here, the cooling water flows inside the tubes and the gaseous fluid to be cooled flows around the finned tubes.
TUBETECH offers its customers finned tube bundles of any design:
  • round tube bundles for installation in cylindrical shells,
  • square or rectangular tube bundles designed as
    slide-in registers, and
  • rectangular mounted registers designed for flange-mounting on machines or turbine housings.
These finned tube bundles are produced by TUBETECH from materials such as CuNi, copper, high-strength brass or stainless steel, among others.
Finned tubes made by TUBETECH come with special coatings for increased corrosion resistance. This is intended to reduce the negative effect of aggressive fluids condensing from the gases to be cooled. To this end, TUBETECH offers an option of soldering the fins onto the tubes or of tin-coating the complete copper fins or finned tubes respectively.
The finned tube bundles are manufactured according to the design specifications of AD-Merkblätter, of the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC and to ASME Code.

Bundle heat exchangers

These products are being successfully used throughout the world. They can be designed and manufactured to any national or international code or standard.

The complete engineering including process design and manufacture are implemented in a customer-oriented manner by the center of excellence of Gesellschaft für OELTECHNIK mbH.