Air-cooled heat exchangers

Scope of delivery

1.      Design, engineering and manufacturing of air-cooled heat exchangers including
  • Strength calculation of pressure parts in accordance with AD-2000, ASME VIII, EN 13445, others on request
  • Static calculation
  • Fan ring and motor supporting bridge optionally with direct drive, v-belt drive or gearbox / geared motor
2.      Steel structure (e.g. plenum, supporting structure, walkways)

3.      Special applications:
  • "Very Low Noise Design"
  • "Low Temperature Design" (e.g. recirculation-type acc. API661)
4.      Accessories as required: e.g. louvers, vibration switches, frequency converters, others on request

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  • 1 Heat exchanger bundle 5 Supporting structure for V-belt drive and motor
    2 Plenum 6 Steel construction
    3 Fan ring 7 Walkway and ladder
    4 Fan blade